Established in 1923,  Java Jazz has been known for its great coffee and extravgent jazz music. 

Java Jazz Coffee House


427 Pool Lane,

Spring, Texas

(782) - 223 - 4208


We takedinner reservations for 2 or more people. The back room is also available for small events. And have live jazz playing weekday nights

Please contact us via calling


6am - 9pm


8am - 3pm

Sunday 11-3 is Brunch



We make great coffee that accomodate to your coffee needs, as well as use orangic and fresh produce in our foods. 

We only use fresh ground beans, free range eggs and grass fed meat.

We can cater to various dietary needs. Simply come in and we will do our best to provide to you. 

We're proud to partner with and exclusively serve Driven Coffee for all menu items. Not only is their coffee amazing, but their mission is awesome too!


Technology Available in Our Cafe

We're proud to have a variety of technology available in our cafe for patrons including:

  • Free Wifi and internet
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Order taking robots (yes, we have bots who wheel around our shop and take orders)

In addition to having free internet and other fun technology in our cafe, we also care about the environment and use eco-friendly/green web hosting to this website and all data-related services in our cafe. We care deeply about the environment and you can learn more about our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint with green web hosting on this page.

As a special deal for all of our coffee shop patrons who are interested in getting their own websites online and interfacing with technology, we've partnered with Instructify in order to help teach people how to build websites. You can get started with a website using Instructify's deal for almost nothing. This is one of the best ways to get a WordPress website online and get started blogging. Many of our coffee shop patrons are writers, bloggers, or creative people so we thought this would be incredibly helpful!